We’re lucky in Pastille that most of our clients are regulars so they pop back into the salon every 2 – 3 weeks for their gels soaking off and usually put straight back on. For some clients though this isn’t possible so we wanted to do a post on how to remove gel without damaging the natural nails (yep, that is a dig at all you gel peelers out there!). There are a few different ways to do this but we find this to be the quickest and easiest…

You will need: pure acetone (available in Boots, most supermarkets or grab some in Pastille), 5 cotton balls, 10 pieces of foil (torn into 3″x 3″ squares), a wood or metal orange stick, nail file, nail buffer

FILE: Use a coarse nail file or buffing block to scratch the surface. You have to break through the clear coat on top in order to get to the polish below. You don’t have to go crazy, just enough so that the colour looses its shine.
SOAK: Tear 5 cotton balls in half so you have 10 pieces total. Soak them in acetone and lay them on the nail. Wrap your foil square around the finger and let it sit. Leave this for a minimum of ten minutes. If you find it easier you can do one hand at a time.
SCRAPE: Start scraping the gel nail off with your orange stick. It should fall right off. If there’s some that seems hard to remove, put it back in to soak longer. NOTE: When you pull the foil off, don’t unwrap it, just pull it straight off the tip of your finger so it stays “cupped”. That way it stays the same shape incase you need to slide your finger back in it for a few more minutes. You don’t want to file or peel any of the gel off. Better to put it back in and let it sit for another minute or 2.
FINISH: Once you’ve removed all the gel color, you’ll most likely be left with little bit of a spotty clear layer. That’s where the primer and first clear coat meet and it doesn’t come up with the acetone. Wash your hands thoroughly then use the 4-sided buffer to smooth it all out. Once buffed, nails should be smooth with no scratches or divits. Feel free to then shape your nails using a fine file and pop some cuticle oil on. We recommend CND Solar Oil.