As every beauty salon knows, it’s vital to keep up with the latest trends and products in order to keep clients happy – and Pastille is no different! Without a doubt, the biggest thing to have hit the beauty world within the last few years is gel polish. Let us introduce you to the next level of nail polish…
For those of you who aren’t familiar with gel, the short story is that you never have to live with dull and chipped nails ever again! Instead of air drying as with regular polish, each layer of gel is cured under a UV or LED lamp which also means your nails are instantly dry too. No more worrying about smudges and dents as you exit the salon. Our clients get up to between two and three weeks of wear from a Gel Mani, although our current record is eight!
At Pastille, we only use high-quality gel polishes that maintain the health of your natural nails, namely: Shellac and Gelish. We also use BioSculpture for our Gel Overlays, which is particularly nourishing as the gel is fortified with proteins. Each of these can be used to strengthen nails and therefore encourage growth, something our nail-biting clients have been very pleased with. Shellac has dubbed it ‘the ‘power polish’ – a client recently described it as a ‘super polish’, too!
So which of our 165 are Pastille’s most popular colours? Clients have loved the uber-chic grey ‘City Scape’ by Shellac, and for a classic red you can opt for Gelish’s ‘Hot Rod Red’. BioSculpture hopped on the denim blue trend with ‘Indecent Proposal’, a fun alternative to black that still goes with everything in your wardrobe. We also go crazy for the latest nude but for something special, you can try a glitter, matte or dotted topcoat with us – ‘Lots of Dots’ by Gelish is exactly as it sounds, offering a finish in sweet hundreds and thousands.


Of course, one of Pastille’s specialities is nail art, which can be done in any of our gel polishes. Check out the ‘Gallery’ section of, or our Instagram and Twitter pages (@PastilleLeeds) for our latest designs. All are hand-painted by our talented Team Pastille; just book in for a complimentary Nail Art Consultation and we’ll do the rest.